Chicken Fried Rice


- Cooked Rice (Jasmine) cold

- 10 grams of butter

- 1tsp sugar

- 10 grams of garlic

- 150 grams of diced chicken


Marinade for Chicken

- 5 grams of garlic powder

- 5 grams of onion powder

- 5ml soy sauce

- 5ml Chinese cooking wine

- White pepper

(Marinade overnight)



1. Dust chicken in potato starch and deep fry until cooked.

2. Heat wok/ or large pan add oil and wait until hot.

3. Add garlic, don't burn, and add rice.

4. Then add butter and sugar and toss.

5. Add cooked chicken and mix.



You can add crispy shallots, chilli and herbs to garnish.

Other proteins you can use include pork, beef, and a firm fish.

Tofu is a good alternative for vegetarians.